Theater Festival Impulse in Bochum, Düsseldorf, Köln, Mülheim

Daniel Josefsohn is an artist, photographer, and director. His artistic concepts for MTV, the Zitty magazine and for the fashion lable Herr von Eden not only caused turmoil among advertisers but he also developed a new, inventive, and exceedingly contemporary style of photography.

He was a skateboarder in his home town of Hamburg before taking his first pictures there. He has lived in LA and has been a guest professor in Bremen. He has been living in Berlin for more than ten years now. For his photos, he travels the world, gets himself into thorny situations and has himself portrayed on Brandenburg Gate, in Tiananmen Square and at the Wailing Wall for his IRAN IRAK IKEA series. His works are published in various specialist magazines such as SZ-Magazin, Monopol, LIEBLING and Frieze Art Magazine. With his new exhibition "Lieber Gott Vergiebe Mir" he inaugurated the galerie PAVLOV'S DOG. For the Impulse Festival 2007 and 2009, he developed posters and image clips. Now he has created new films, which will help shorten the waiting time until the Impulse Festival 2011!