Theater Festival Impulse in Bochum, Düsseldorf, Köln, Mülheim

Concept/Actors: Laura Alisa Schäffer, Jan Philip Steimel, Nele Katharina Lenz, Anna Fries, Laura
Naumann, Robin Krause, Mathias Prinz, Lasse Marburg, Yves Regenass, Jonas Holland-Moritz

Duration: ca. 40 Min.

A production of machina eX

machina eX – 15.000 Gray

The audience joysticks their way through an interactive theatre game – yet instead of using a monitor and console, they play with spaces, objects and people. The audience becomes players who willingly enter into the stories: the professor must be saved, codes have to be cracked, notes must be deciphered and ingredients have to be mixed together in the right order – the bomb is ticking ... Every game by machina eX is an unforgettable experience, an event somewhere between computer game, theatre and interactive installation.

07.07.2011 21:30 Düsseldorf – FFT - Juta
07.07.2011 20:30 Düsseldorf – FFT - Juta
07.07.2011 19:30 Düsseldorf – FFT - Juta
08.07.2011 21:30 Düsseldorf – FFT - Juta
08.07.2011 20:30 Düsseldorf – FFT - Juta
08.07.2011 18:30 Düsseldorf – FFT - Juta
09.07.2011 20:00 Düsseldorf – FFT - Juta
09.07.2011 19:00 Düsseldorf – FFT - Juta
09.07.2011 18:00 Düsseldorf – FFT - Juta

machina eX
machina eX is a group of young theatrical, computer game and media artists that brings together technology and culture. Using microprocessors, exciting stories, theatrical experience, various computer programmes, including Max/MSP, Arduino and Processing, as well as a large amount of cabling and pens, the group creates complex theatre room installations that combine all elements of a computer game with those of an evening at the theatre – theatrical point 'n click adventures or life-like computer games graphics, for example. The 15'000 Gray project was awarded the 100° Berlin jury's prize organised by HAU.