Theater Festival Impulse in Bochum, Düsseldorf, Köln, Mülheim

Text: Anders Carlsson
Markus Öhrn
Costume: Pia Aleborg
with: Jakob Öhrman,Elmer Bäck, Rasmus Slätis und Anders Carlsson

Sound: Andreas Catjar
Light: Daniel Goody
Producer: Alexandra Hill, Elin Westerlund

Duration: ca. 2h 40 Min.

A Production of Institutet, Nya Rampen and Markus Öhrn in Coproduktion with studiobühne Köln, Ballhaus Ost (Berlin), Baltic Circle International Festival (Helsinki), Inkonst (Malmö)

Conte D’ Amour is supported by Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet), Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation, Kultur Skåne, Malmö Culture Committee, Nordic Culture Point (Kulturkontakt Nord).

Thanks to:

Institutet und Nya Rampen – Conte dAmour

Home sweet home? Trapped (and protected) in an isolated parallel world in the basement – Conte d’amour shows the dark side of love. The audience becomes observers of a very unusual love story. With an open invitation to leave the room, get a drink and come back as they please, the spectators become voyeurs. With this extraordinary production Institutet and Nya Rampen are attempting to explore the phenomenon of romantic love – an unconditional and absolute love that can conquer everything, and at the same time shut everything else out.

Institutet & Nya Rampen
Following the success of Best of Dallas (2007), Conte d'Amour is the product of renewed collaboration between the two Scandinavian theatre troupes, Institutet (Sweden) and Nya Rampen (Finland). Institutet is a theatre group from Malmö that deals with theoretical and practical research into theatrical plots and drama in contemporary performing arts against the backdrop of European deconstructivism. It works and produces plays in its home town of Malmö and in Berlin. Nya Rampen is a Finnish theatre group based in Helsinki and Berlin. Under the direction of its founders, Jakob Öhrman, Rasmus Slätis and Elmer Bäck, it often pushes the boundaries and works in international settings. The director, Markus Öhrn, is a Swedish video and performance artist. He has directed many of the unusual co-productions between Institutet and Nya Rampen.